Agluona bread

Agluonos duona
Dark rye and wheat flour bread – extremely soft, pleasantly sweetish taste. It tastes wonderful when it is fresh, but we also use “Agluona” for making other products. If the form or size of the baked bread is imperfect, we turn it into caramelized crumbs that turn into granola surrounded by oats, almonds and various seeds. This is how we give “Agluona” duonai a second chance and a healthier snack for you!

Packaging: 550 g.
Shelf life: 6 days
Code: 4770078191394
  • free of hydrogenated fats
  • brandinama raugu
    matured with sourdough
  • draugiška veganams
  • formuojama rankomis
    formed by hands
Agluonos duona Agluonos duona
Agluonos duona