„Keto easy“ buns

„Keto lengvai“ bandelės
Light, soft and fluffy buns that fit in the palm of your hand, conveniently packed by threes. They have a neutral taste, so they are suitable for making hamburgers and spreading some nut butter. Friendly to a ketogenic diet.

Gluten-free. Without added sugar and sugar substitutes, increased fat and protein content. Friendly for a low-carb diet. Without wheat flour.

Packaging: 70 g x 3 pcs.
Shelf life: 5 days
Code: 4770078197013

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  • without wheat flour
  • be pridėtinio cukraus
    no added sugar
  • high in fiber
  • migdolų miltai
„Keto lengvai“ bandelės „Keto lengvai“ bandelės