Cake "Tinginys"

Klasikinis tinginys
Cocoa handmade mosaic delights not only the eyes but also those who are longing for sweet moments of mother’s care and attention...

A sustainable choice – our baked “Tinginys” not only is distinguished by a nostalgically traditional taste but it is also produced by using cookies that have been raised for a second life. They are just as high quality and delicious as others, but as they are handmade, they do not always look so good to be put on shelves. However, these cookies do wonders for the new baked good.

350 g (EAN: 4770078197129)
1,75 kg (EAN: 0000000031561)
Shelf life: 30 days

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  • handmade
  • with butter
Klasikinis tinginys Klasikinis tinginys