Rye bread without yeast

Ruginė duona be mielių
100% rye, without any impurities, without yeast – this bread will surprise you with its lightness and fluffiness. Extremely tasty and fragrant – it will be a promising start to the day for the whole family.

320 g. (EAN: 4770078192841);
3,4 kg. (EAN: 0000000022705);
Shelf life: 6 days

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  • 100% Ruginis
    100% rye
  • free of hydrogenated fats
  • without wheat flour
  • be mielių
    without yeast
  • brandinama raugu
    matured with sourdough
  • draugiška veganams
  • formuojama rankomis
    formed by hands
Ruginė duona be mielių Ruginė duona be mielių